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Fier d'être un aigle de South-Sa-Hali   - Proud to be a South-Sa-Hali Eagle

Bienvenue!  Welcome! Weyt-k!

Please call 1-844-350-2647 or visit: if your child is going to be late or absent.  You may also download the "SchoolMsgr" app for iPhone or for Android and follow the instructions.

A good arrival time for students is 8:25 am.  Please ONLY use the lower drop off parking lot. 

To access the Ministry of Education's "Expect Respect & A Safe Education" information site or to report concerns anonymously, please click on the bright pink bottom below:

Erase Reporting Tool

    Site news

    Weekly Schedule March 25-29

    by Blake Buemann -

    lundi le 25 mars

    First day back from Spring Break!

    mardi le 26 mars

    Joyeux mardi!

    mercredi le 27 mars

    9:00am Recognition Assembly

    jeudi le 28 mars 

    Kindergarten Vision Screening

    vendredi le 29 mars

    Joyeux vendredi!

    Upcoming Events

    March 18-22 - March Break - NO SCHOOL
    April 1 - Inservice Day - NO SCHOOL
    April 5 - Day of Sucwentwewc
    April 11 - PAC Meeting (6:30pm)
    April 15 - Evacuation Drill Weather Permitting (1:14pm)
    April 16 - YPC Concert at the Oasis Church
    April 17 - Elementary Swim Meet
    April 18 - Intermediate Dance
    April 19-22 - Easter Break (NO SCHOOL)
    April 23 - School Track Meet at TCC
    April 25 - Recognition Assembly
    April 25 - Egg Drop at lunch
    April 26 - Jump Rope for Heart
    May 1 - Zone Distance Run Track Meet
    May 1 - Young Artists Conference
    May 3 - Zone Track Meet
    May 3 - Young Authors Conference


    Parent Learning Surveys

    by Blake Buemann -

    Dear Parents,

    Each year the Ministry of Education collects data from grade 4 and 7 students to get a sense of how we are doing in all areas of academic and personal and social development.  This is done in the form of an online questionnaire known as the Student Learning Survey and is available from now until April 15th.

    It is important to us that you take the time to complete the survey as it helps us to keep improving in all areas.

    To complete the survey :

    • Please use the following direct link:
    • Scroll down to the "Parents" box and use the "Direct Access (no logon number required)" section.
      • Enter our School District - 73 Kamloops;
      • Enter the name of our school - South Sa-Hali Elementary;
      • Choose the language you are comfortable with;
      • Click Logon.
    • Complete the survey by clicking on the “radio buttons” for each question.  Move to the next set of questions by clicking NEXT in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

    Blake Buemann

    École South Sa-Hali Elementary
    Clleq'melten re Tcwi7ekst te Sa-Hali
    1585 Summit Dr
    Kamloops BC, V2E 1E9 
    (250) 374-2451

    Weekly Schedule March 11-15

    by Blake Buemann -

    lundi le 4 mars

    Joyeux lundi!

    mardi le 5 mars

    Joyeux mardi!

    mercredi le 6 mars

    Joyeux mercredi!

    jeudi le 7 mars 

    Term 2 Report Cards Go Home

    vendredi le 8 mars

    SSES Talent Show Day
    Last day of Classes Before Spring Break!

    Upcoming Events

    March 18-22 - March Break - NO SCHOOL
    March 25 - First Day back after March Break
    March 27 - Recognition Assembly (9:00am)
    April 1 - Inservice Day - NO SCHOOL
    April 5 - Day of Sucwentwewc

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